A recap of 2018, and a view to 2019

“A group of friends, who like to ride bikes, all types of bikes, in order to live a healthy lifestyle and give back to the community that provides us with an opportunity to ride bikes”.

That’s basically the ethos of GSBoulder.  Here’s what we did in 2018 to live that ethos:

Our goal in 2018 was to stabilize the club, and set it up for the future.  We didn’t want to change too much, but we did want to create a social environment for our members to travel together, ride together and socialize together.  We left the jersey design the same, our sponsors changed a little but not significantly, we didn’t sponsor any big races, but we did do some epic travel adventures.

  • Our opening party at Sanitas was well attended with a chance to try on the team kit from Pactimo.  We also gave away bottles of Suerte Tequila for our members (thanks Suerte!) to enjoy during the season.

  • Our early season group rides from Sanitas Brewing were well attended - our first ride had about 18 riders join and form a big pack for the ride north.

  • We featured in an InCycle video about Boulder.

  • President Dana fell off her bike.  Ouch!

  • We sponsored the Tour of Steamboat road ride for our members, subsidizing accommodation in a sweet AirBnB.  Tasha and Dana cooked up a storm while we rode, and we ate and drank the night away after a hard day in the saddle. Fun was had with dogs and someone created this masterpiece in the downstairs bedroom.

  • We sponsored a house at Crested Butte bike week, with riders participating in the Fat 50 MTB ride, and Enduro ride, as well as a casual leg killer up to the 401 trail, and of course the infamous Chainless Downhill World Championships.  We had a huge but healthy dinner at the Schrammel’s new pad in Crested Butte.

  • A few of us rode in the Santa Monica hills for the Phil Gaimon Fondo.  LA is most definitely not flat.

  • We donated money to People4Bikes, and BMA to continue our commitment to helping others to ride and create some sweet trails for us to ride on.

So what can we do better, and what are we doing over winter and into 2019:

  • Our group ride method this year was to let members call rides at invite others to join via the mailing list to all members on Google Groups.  This worked somewhat, but we all feel like we need a more structured way of doing regular group rides, across MTB and Road (and Gravel!).  To improve this in 2019 we will be doing some new things.  One is to ask 5-10 members to own 1 group ride per month.  This should generate a steady flow of group rides that you can join on a regular basis.

  • Events.  We really liked the Crested Butte Bike Week and Tour of Steamboat events, so those will be on the agenda for 2019.  However a lot of events that people said they wanted to do, they actually didn’t attend when we spooled up to do them.  So this year we will setup 2 road events, and 2 MTB events out of town (or around town) and invite members to sign up for them.  We will offer rebates to members who actually attend (as we did for Steamboat).  We are also looking at a camping location for one of the MTB rides, so we can recreate the atmosphere of the 18 hours of Fruita, but without the mushy track at hour 15.

  • Social.  We will be organizing some end of season rides, along with a GSB sponsored lunch or breakfast.  We encourage you to join these as we feel meeting your teammates is the best way to socialize and get to know them, so you all feel confident joining group rides with each other.

  • Community.  We will host a food location for 2019 Bike to Work day!  As well as being lots of fun, this is a chance for us to invite new members for 2019 and 2020.  If you want to be part of this let the board know.

  • Winter Training.  We will be doing some indoor training events, which may be bring your own trainer and watch a movie with us, or a more formal PowerMax like training series with a professional host.  Stay tuned on this.

In terms of the club itself, we are in good shape financially - our outlays in 2018 about equaled our inflows and sponsorships.  We are establishing a reserve fund to ensure the club never runs out of money.  We will keep the membership rate the same in 2019.  The team kit will remain largely the same for 2019.  We are seeking value from our sponsors in 2019, so stay tuned for some changes that may give you even more benefits as members.  We realize that some members may leave us, so we are seeking new members to replace and breathe new life into the club.

The board has all decided to re-up for another year - we see 2 years as good terms for the positions we currently occupy.  We are looking for new board members however, and one position, Clothing Coordinator is open for 2019 (Emilie has taken it!)if you want to contribute to the club’s management. We’re always open to new ideas and comments from club members.  

So to recap:

  • Events in 2019 will be 2 road and 2 MTB.  One road will be Steamboat, one MTB will be Crested Butte, with the other two TBD.

  • Group rides will get more regular in 2019, and put your hands up for 1 ride you will host per month.  Email board@gsboulder.org.

  • Kit will remain the same.  Membership rates will remain the same.

  • Bike to Work Day 2019 will have a GSBoulder location.

Lastly, remember that the club experience isn’t something that is made up by the board and delivered to you on a platter to consume.  The club is what YOU make it.  If you want more group rides, call a ride using the mailing list and take folks on a spin somewhere. If you want to plan an event and have folks join you, suggest it. You will get out of GSBoulder what you put in, and we encourage you to get active, get involved and get out on the road with us in 2019.

With best regards, keep the rubber side down.

GSBoulder Board - Dana, John, Jerry, David, Jacqui.