GS Boulder Team Store is OPEN


The Pactimo team store is open for business and ready for you to purchase your shiny new kit! Please keep in mind that, by signing up for the team, you have agreed to purchase a current jersey and pair of shorts. 

Here's what's new this year:

-The design! Brand spanking new and oh-so-fancy, thanks to our designer-in-residence, Andy Stone.

-The bibs - This year we have upgraded to a slightly more expensive bib short that is arguably the most comfortable chamois I have ever encountered. It is the same chamois you get in $300 Assos but for a fraction of the price.

-The kit roadmap - Yes, the kit changed dramatically this year, in keeping with a refresh every two years. However, we went with pretty simple black shorts so that the style from this year to next will mesh nicely. I think this kit will be a classic and will make your friends jealous. :)

Now that I have the basics out of the way, here are the details for buying your kit.


1. Go to:

2. Enter gsboulder12 in the TEAM STORE SIGN IN window. Passwords are case sensitive.

3. Enter store with your existing personal Login or follow instructions to create a new personal account in the Team Store.

Please place your order by Wednesday, January 21, at 11:59pm. If you have any issues, please contact Andy or Emilie.

Happy shopping!